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History of the
Canyonlands PRCA Rodeo



Photo by: Britta Kinglsey

Rodeo has been a Grand County tradition for over 50 years.  The rodeo in Moab has always been the result of a changing but dedicated group of volunteers who have tackled the time-consuming tasks associated with the event.  Throughout the year many folks spend hours working tirelessly to make it happen.

The club is a non profit organization.  The Grand County Recreation Special Services District provides the major source of funding to produce this exciting event.  Funding is repaid each year through sponsorship, ticket sales, merchandise & other sales.


Photo by: Britta Kinglsey

The Canyonlands PRCA Rodeo Club is working toward engaging our youth and building partnerships throughout the community so that this great tradition of rodeo can be carried on to future generations.  Thank you for being part of that tradition!

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